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What is the Difference Between a TherHab®Fitness Facility License and a TherHab® Fitness Certification?

A facility can become licensed to provide TherHab Fitness® PT designed and PT/OT supervised model of physical therapy wellness care including a full PT assessment and re-assessment process and tools, implementation of music, the entire range of evidence-based class programming, ongoing marketing support, retention strategies, ongoing development of new classes and class variations.

A certification allows an individual to deliver a particular program/class.

The licensure fee includes instructor certifications to get your programming up and running. 

TherHab® Fitness  Instructors learn evidence-based programming and return to your facility with a medically-based, novel program you can immediately implement and market.

Individual Provider 

Online attainable individual certifications. You customize which classes you want to become certified in to enhance your group fitness offerings.

Facility Provider 

TherHab® Fitness is a product- a system of medically-based fitness classes for older adults and specialized populations. A unique product to offer your community! 

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