ChiHab: Meditation in Motion

Class Description for Participants

This is a fun and unique class ChiHab® is a blend of physical therapy treatment concepts and ideas  (neuroplasticity, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, cognitive exercise, and coordination training) combined with the ancient practice of Tai Chi.

You can expect to improve leg strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and ease of movement, all while experiencing meditation in motion! You should expect a great workout that will leave you feeling refreshed! 


​Physical Therapist Designed​

  • Treat and manage chronic neck, back or hip pain 

  • Improve the ease and stability of movement by increasing functional strength

  • Improve dynamic and static standing balance and reduce the risk of falling

  • Manage and prevent arthritis pain 

  • Improve Flexibility and movement

  • Improve leg strength

  • Vestibular training

  • Reduce  stress

  • Improve breathing technique

  • Move better and feel stronger

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