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Our Story

TherHab® Fitness was founded with a passion and a belief that 

physical therapy knowledge and expertise can be utilized not only to treat patients after injury or surgery - but BEFORE to prevent injury, surgery, and a decline in activity and quality of life..  Physical therapy knowledge can be utilized as prevention, wellness, and fitness.  Why wait until you need physical therapy?  Your physical therapist can help you be pro-active and stay fit, active, and well! The traditional medical model does not work to keep many older adults and individuals managing chronic conditions healthy and well long-term.


The current medical model of providing short-term PT/OT treatment, seeing patient progress, and then discharging them with a home exercise program, only to have the patient come back in a few months because they are not exercising effectively at home or in their community is very frustrating and ineffective..


Believing something more should be done, on January 1st,  2015, Dr. Patrice Hazan opened GroupHab® Physical Therapy and Wellness, where she created TherHab®Fitness, a medically targeted program consisting of a wide variety of specialized wellness and fitness exercise classes for older adults managing chronic conditions and specialized populations.


By combining physical therapy treatment concepts, principles, and theory with music, a system of wellness and fitness care was crafted that is safely allowing individuals to move and feel better. 

Individuals can attend TherHab Fitness programming knowing that the classes are safe, evidence-based, and medically designed to keep individuals healthy and well in addition to preventing and managing chronic conditions. 

To have the greatest impact, truly making a profound difference in the health and wellness of our communities, TherHab fitness® programs have been researched and standardized so they can be delivered by 

certified and licensed TherHab Fitness® providers.

TherHab Fitness is now the leading medical fitness program delivered by health and fitness

providers designed specifically for older adults and specialized populations.

TherHab Fitness Mission:
To transform lives by linking physical therapy with wellness and fitness so that all individuals can improve health, mobility and optimize the human experience.  


TherHab Fitness Vision:
A world in which every person is empowered to achieve maximal health and wellness.


Our Founder

Dr. Patrice Hazan

Physical Therapist


Patrice Hazan has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Des Moines University and a Masters degree in Gerontology from Roosevelt University. In addition, she is a Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist and a member of the Academy of Geriatrics with the American Physical Therapy Association. She is the CEO and founder of GroupHab® Physical Therapy and Wellness and TherHab Fitness. Patrice is renowned for her alternative model of physical therapy care integrating small group physical therapist led fitness classes and individual physical therapy treatment.


Patrice has presented this model at national American Physical Therapy Conferences and she has  been published in  the American Physical Therapy Association PT and Motion magazine for her groundbreaking work. 


TherHab Fitness Team

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