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Have Questions about Aging? Speak with a Gerontologist at Honor Expert

Have questions about aging at home? Honor expert has the answers!

TherHab Fitness is proud to have partnered with honor as a national provider of medically targeted fitness for older adults! Honor, as a leader in in senior care and technology, understands that older adults and caregivers often feel overwhelmed and frustrated trying to sort through the complicated and fragmented available information on aging. Honor Expert provides a solution with a human touch. This one-of-a-kind platform allows users to call the free helpline and connect directly with a professional social worker or gerontologist to get the individualized support, resources and expertise needed to address the concerns and challenges older adults experience.

When older adults are looking for solutions to stay active and prevent falls, Honor Expert is recommending TherHab Fitness. TherHab Fitness is one of Honor’s 14 aging expert national partners for topics and concerns on aging. Linking physical therapy and fitness, TherHab Fitness is recommended for active aging, because of their wide range of skilled classes offering of medically targeted virtual fitness solutions led by a physical therapist. Honor is the parent company of Home Instead so they are very aware of the challenges and importance of aging in place. TherHab Fitness offers physical therapist led exercise classes that can be completed with a caregiver present, allowing older adults who are frail to safely exercise at home with the guidance of a physical therapist and the assistance of a caregiver. These classes are not physical therapy treatment, they are exercise classes designed and led by physical therapist to KEEP older adults as active and independent as possible.

The new offering of Honor Expert follows honor’s acquisition of Home Instead and recent $370 million funding has enabled the company to develop and scale more innovative technology and deliver on its mission to expand the worlds capacity to care. To learn more about honor expert and to access the resources and tools or chat with an expert, please visit www.honorexpert.com or call 1-888-574-5005 Monday through Friday between 7am- 8pm CST.

Providing innovation in aging technology, TherHab Fitness Classes are medically targeted fitness classes designed and led by physical therapists to meet the unique needs of older adults managing chronic conditions. The classes are perfect for individuals looking for that added level of expertise to stay fit and active, manage pain, decrease risk for falls, and feel better as they age.

Learn more at www.therhabfitness.com .


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