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How Much Physical Activity Do Older Adults Need?

Most people know that physical activity is important. In fact, not getting enough has been linked to illnesses like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure and lung disease. So the important question is not if you need to be doing some form of physical activity to protect against diseases like these, but how much is enough?

The US Department of Health and Human Services answered that question for us in 2008 with their recommendations for physical activity. To improve or maintain health, adults over 65 need to do 2 types of physical activity: aerobic exercise and strengthening. 


To meet the recommendations for aerobic exercise you should try to be active daily, and perform your aerobic activity for at least 10 minutes at a time. Each week you should aim for

150 minutes of moderate intensity activity OR 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity.

The general rule is that 1 minute of vigorous activity is equal to 2 minutes of moderate intensity activity, so a combination of moderate and vigorous activity can also be used to satisfy the recommended 150 minutes each week.

Some examples of moderate intensity aerobic activity would be:

Walking Water aerobics Riding a bike on a level surface Doubles tennis

Vigorous intensity activities include:

Running or jogging Riding a bike fast, or on hills Singles tennis Hiking uphill


Muscle strength is important for all daily movement, and in older adults it can help to maintain strong bones, as well as reduce the risk of falling. The recommendation for strengthening is to work each major muscle group twice a week.

Examples of strengthening activities include:

Carrying heavy loads Lifting weights Exercises using your own body weight like push ups, sit ups, or squats

For each exercise you should try to perform:

At least one set 8 to 12 repetitions in each set

Your resistance should be heavy enough that the last repetition is hard to complete.

These guidelines are general recommendations and do not take into account previous injuries, medical conditions, or limitations that individuals may have. Your physical therapist is an expert in exercise and physical activity who can help design a program to maintain or improve your health while considering your past medical history, limitations, and goals. Your PT can teach you safe exercise technique, and help you safely progress your program as you get fitter to continue making improvements in your overall health.

As PT providers we all know the importance of encouraging our senior clients to exercise on a regular basis outside of physical therapy. Becoming a TherHab Fitness Provider can be your ticket in making this a reality for your clients and community.

TherHab® Fitness was created out of frustration with the medical model of providing PT treatment, seeing a patient progress, and then discharging them with a home exercise program, only to have the patient come back in a few months because they are not exercising effectively at home or in their community. ​

Believing something more should be done, Dr. Patrice Hazan opened GroupHab® Physical Therapy and Wellness, where she created TherHab Fitness, a medically targeted program consisting of a wide variety of specialized wellness and fitness exercise classes for older adults managing chronic conditions and specialized populations.

By combining physical therapy treatment concepts, principles, and theory with music, a system of wellness and fitness care was crafted that is safely allowing individuals to move and feel better.

Individuals can attend TherHab Fitness programming knowing that the classes are safe, evidence-based, and medically designed to keep individuals healthy and well in addition to preventing and managing chronic conditions.

To have the greatest impact, truly making a profound difference in the health and wellness of our communities, TherHab fitness® programs have been researched and standardized so they can be delivered by

certified and licensed TherHab Fitness® providers.

TherHab Fitness Mission: To transform lives by linking physical therapy with wellness and fitness so that all individuals can improve health, mobility and optimize the human experience.

TherHab Fitness Vision: A world in which every person is empowered to achieve maximal health and wellness.

For more information about how to become a TherHab Fitness Provider please feel free to call anytime at 864-525-2654, or visit our website at www.therhabfitness.com.

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