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Change the way you think about Physical Therapy! Join the Movement!

There is an URGENT need for innovation and change! Aging demographics; epidemic of falls among older adults; high cost of healthcare; lack of adherence to physical activity despite national initiatives; patient non-adherence to a home exercise program; projected shortage PT’s-- factors that are DEMANDING a change in the way we provide care! Private practice owners and outpatient clinics are in a unique position to revolutionize the way we practice by using our knowledge and expertise in a pro-active rather than re-active model that includes direct/primary intervention in wellness and prevention integrated with individual PT treatment. A model where PT’s focus on prevention, long term solutions, partnering with the community, and following patients to KEEP them well! Learn how this paradigm shift provides business opportunities and cash-based diversification. . Join the movement! Innovate and change the way we provide care! www.therhabfitness.com

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