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Your physical therapist can help you stay fit and handle muscle aches and pains during a pandemic!

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have stopped much of the world. Once busy streets and shops are empty, activities are cancelled, and you may not even be going to work. One thing that the virus has not stopped is pain and injury. Maybe you were seeing your physical therapist (PT) when stay at home orders were issued. Maybe you've been having more pain and soreness in your back or neck because of all the time you've spent in front of the computer working at home, or maybe you hurt yourself over the weekend doing some yard work or exercising to relieve stress. How do you get the care you need without putting yourself or others at risk during this time of social distancing?


Technology like the internet, electronic medical records, online patient portals, smartphones and webcams open up treatment and intervention options that may be new to both you and your provider. Virtual platforms allow one-on-one interactions in real time. Patient portals allow uploads and updates of home exercise programs and educational materials. You may not be able to go to your PT, but your PT may be able to come virtually.

Stay fit and prevent aches and pains with physical therapist led live zoom Classes

The virus has not stopped is the need to exercise and take care of yourself. Lack of exercise will place stress on your immune system at a time it needs to be working in overdrive.

In this pandemic you may choose to stop going to the gym and your exercise classes but that does not mean your fitness routine has to stop. In fact, regular exercise will reduce stress and boost your immunity- so exercising is more important now than ever. It can be hard to know how and what to exercise effectively at home.

With the onset of the pandemic live zoom classes have become the lifeline- and attending group exercise on Zoom is no exception. You can attend small group physical therapist led fitness classes in real time, getting personalized exercise instruction and continuing with the classes you enjoy. Zoom small group classes allow you to stay connected with friends and they provide a much-needed routine. Attending a class is really as simple as clicking a link! Any aches, pains or concerns? No problem! Your physical therapist is right there to virtually keep you on track! www.hometherhabfit.com

Virtual ExerciseTips

· You'll need a device with a screen, camera and microphone. This could be a smartphone, tablet, or computer

· Choose a private space where you feel comfortable to conduct your visit. Make sure you have room to move, this is still a PT visit and movement is the whole point!

· Wear clothes that you can move in, and that your PT can see you move in. Very loose, baggy clothing makes it hard for your PT to see and evaluate your movement

· Collect any equipment you may have beforehand, so your PT knows what you have to work with. Examples might include resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga mats and blocks, etc.

· Be ready to get creative and have fun! For many patients and therapists, televisits are a new experience so expect to work together and try new things to find what works best for you.

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