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   Therapeutic Fitness 

Physical Therapist Designed and Supervised Fitness Classes


Medically Targeted Classes: Linking Physical Therapy, Rehab and Fitness

How Are We Different?

Two Types of TherHab Fitness Instructor Certifications  

      1. Fitness Classes (ActiveHab -Active Aging Fitness)

      2. Speciality Classes (CoreHab, YogaHab, ChiHab, JointHab) 

*** Classes are not physical therapy***

They are fitness classes designed by physical therapist to keep you strong and fit!!

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ActiveHab Fitness.png

ActiveHab Level One & Two

Active Aging Fitness

A complete energizing workout routine! Includes various formats that include Aerobics, Strengthening, Balance, and Stretches.

Includes multiple class offerings at different levels of difficulty.

Level One: SteadyHab, StrengthHab, ReadyHab, & PowerHab.

Level Two: MoveHab, DanceHab, & StepHab

In-person certification will also give you access to virtual material. 

Older, adult seniors, exercise and fitness programs with certified physical therapists.  Personal trainers.  Geriatric exercises.  Certified group exercise instructors.  Medical fitness instruction and classes.  Simpsonville area.

This class contains a unique blend of physical therapy spinal stabilization exercises, Pilates, pelvic floor strengthening, and yoga. This class is perfect for those who wish to strengthen their core muscles to support the spine to move and feel better.

If you are concerned about osteoporosis or back pain this class is the answer!

Older adults exercising in a fitness class

A very unique program!  

In YogaHab, physical therapy treatment principles and concepts are integrated with Yoga Poses.

Rehabilitative in nature, YogaHab is an excellent total body workout. Transition through functional poses with an emphasis on strengthening the legs, core, and postural muscles as well as dynamically challenging your standing balance. This invigorating class will improve confidence in overall strength, ease of movement, breathing and dynamic balance. 

 Several Classes Offered

Flow, Power, Flex and Chair  

older adults exercising in a fitness class

 ChiHab® is a blend of physical therapy treatment concepts and ideas  (neuroplasticity, vestibular rehab, functional strengthening, cognitive exercise, and coordination training) combined with the ancient practice of Tai Chi.

You can expect to improve leg strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and ease of movement, all while experiencing meditation in motion! You should expect a great workout that will leave you feeling refreshed! 

JointHab Fitness PRovider WH.png

Participants with arthritis learn how to safely exercise without exacerbating symptoms.


Motion is lotion – and this class targets all joints typically affected with arthritis by properly strengthening and stretching the muscles surrounding the joints.

  Posture, joint positioning, precautions, form, injury preventions, and contraindications discussed.  


JointHab® is also perfect for individuals just beginning exercising.

Client Testimonials

"TherHab Fitness has been life-changing for me. After two months, cut my BP medication in half and my leg strength, stamina, and balance is much better. It is a fun activity that I look forward to."

Gerald Grove

"TherHab Fitness is wonderful program. Arthritis has been a part my life for many years. With the classes and exercise programs I am now doing with TherHab Fitness my quality of life has greatly improved."

Molly Draper

"When I first came to TherHab Fitness it was for individual PT. The Sciatica I was having was so bad I could not tolerate sitting in the car for more than 45 minutes before the pain became too much to drive. The sciatica problem and a knee problem got better and I joined the CoreHab class and have since eliminated sciatica pain in sitting and have developed much more abdominal and core strength to support this 80+ year old spine."

Steve Fisher

"I attend TherHab Fitness Classes 3 times a week. They have been a tremendous help to me in managing my arthritis. They have designed an exercise plan for me that has strengthened my legs and helped me climb stairs more easily. My balance has dramatically improved and my joints are much more flexible. My energy level has significantly improved. I am so thankful to be part of this program."

Pat Peden

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