Transition through functional poses with an emphasis on strengthening the postural muscles as well as dynamically challenging your standing balance. This invigorating class will improve confidence in strength, posture, movement, and balance. 



 A perfect combination of poses performed standing, seated, and on the floor. This class has an emphasis on core strengthening, postural exercise, ease of movement, and stretching with deep breathing incorporated. 



An excellent total body workout.  Emphasis on core strengthening, postural exercise, and ease of movement will also be a focus. This class is perfect for individuals looking to work on coordination and stretching, who may have an issue standing for long periods of time 

​Physical Therapist Designed​

  • Treat and manage chronic neck, back or hip pain 

  • Improve the ease and stability of movement by increasing functional strength

  • Improve dynamic and static standing balance

  • Manage and prevent incontinence 

  • Improve Flexibility and movement

  • Improve leg strength

  • Vestibular training

  • Reduce  stress

  • Improve breathing technique

  • Move better and feel stronger

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